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Resolution on Prayer, Revival and Awakening

Whereas the times in which we live require decisive and discerning action, rising from prayer and deep dependence upon God; and,

Whereas, Pentecostal/Charismatic congregations are born of prayer and a passion for transformation, not only of individuals and families, congregations and cities, but of nations as well; and,

Whereas, our roots are not only in power but also in purity, spiritual fruit, and fire blended together in lives transformed by a profound spiritual encounter; and,

Whereas, so many have drifted from a center of prayer and humble reliance upon Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit; and,

Whereas, in far too many instances our altars lack tearful intercession for revival and awakening, and our homes are not filled with the sound of praying families; and,

Whereas, we too often lack the profound intangible dynamic of spiritual conviction and power that challenges the dark forces with which we are continually at war; that answers the cultural questions and demonstrates the distinct nature of Christianity as more than a mere religious philosophy, but rather affirms the reality of a resurrected Christ living through His body, the Church, and empowers our witness before a watching world, leading to conversions and cultural awakening;

We therefore resolve:

  1. To call the churches in the PCCNA to rebuild the altars of prayer and establish ourselves, by God’s grace, as ‘houses of prayer for the nations’.
  2. To urge our pastors and leaders to be men and women of prayer, after God’s heart, caring the flock and loving the Lord.
  3. To promote the idea of pastors joining in prayer with other pastors across the PCCNA, resulting in a fellowship of praying pastors in city after city, until revival and awakening comes.
  4. To reestablish the primacy of the family altar as well as personal prayer, prayer between couples, and prayer with parents and their children.
  5. To help our people move from seeking the hand of God alone, to seeking the face of God; moving from mere transactional praying to transformational praying.
  6. To encourage regular prayer for the harvest – loved ones, family and friends, the nations and unreached people groups; praying for the harvest of lost people in every community and in every city nationally and globally.
  7. To identify, raise up and empower, an army of intercessors who will not relent until revival and awakening comes.

Resolution on Prayer Gatherings and Collaborative Training

Whereas, we know prayer to be the touchpoint, the wellspring of every awakening; and,

Whereas, there is a great need to renew a passion for prayer among pastors and laypeople; and,

Whereas, there is also a significant lack of prayer training for congregations at the grassroots level as well as ongoing encouragement and coaching; and,

Whereas, the congregational prayer meeting is declining and the family altar is fading, without seeking remedy or realizing their critical importance;

We, the PCCNA Prayer Commission resolve, with affirmation from the PCCNA Leadership,

  1. To offer Pastoral Prayer Encounter experiences within and across denominational lines, at the invitation of state/district leaders, to gather pastors to cry out to God for revival and awakening; and,
  2. To offer Prayer Training/Equipping Conferences jointly sponsored by at least three state/district offices to encourage pastors and laypeople and to equip prayer leaders and intercessors; and,
  3. To champion revival and great-awakening prayer efforts throughout our movements.

Resolution on Prayer for the Unreached

Whereas, nearly 2000 years have passed since the Great Commission was given to the disciples; and,

Whereas, missiologists now suggest that, by our unified efforts, collaboration, and synergy, we could arguably complete the Great Commission by 2030; and,

Whereas, we know that the journey toward this goal began with a prayer meeting that culminated with empowering of the Church on the Day of Pentecost; that Christ commanded such prayer, subordinating the mission to the coming of the Spirit;

We therefore propose:

  1. That an annual day of prayer be designated and observed in PCCNA churches that will focus on the unreached, specifically Unreached People Groups (UPGs), and,
  2. That we urge pastors and laypeople to adopt and intercede for UPGs, realizing that the first penetration through the closed door is by prayer, and,
  3. That we regularly promote consistent prayer among and by our churches for those who have never heard the Gospel, and,
  4. That we synergize with such groups as the Joshua Project, the Billion Souls effort, and other initiatives that move us forward together and separately toward a common goal of praying for the unreached, and,
  5. That the PCCNA Prayer Commission be charged to provide basic prayer resource materials that can be restyled and branded by each member of the movement for prayer mobilization.
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