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The PCCNA Prayer Commission passed a joint resolution on prayer training.

We, the PCCNA Prayer Commission resolve, with affirmation from the PCCNA Leadership,

  • To offer Pastoral Prayer Encounter experiences within and across denominational lines, at the invitation of state/district leaders, to gather pastors to cry out to God for revival and awakening; and,
  • To offer Prayer Training/Equipping Conferences jointly sponsored by at least three state/district offices to encourage pastors and laypeople and to equip prayer leaders and intercessors; and,
  • To champion revival and great-awakening prayer efforts throughout our movements.

The Prayer Commission is organizing Prayer-Evangelism Vision and Tools Conferences, bringing together pastors and people for statewide prayer training experience in regions across the country. It will be a unique gathering – calling our people not only back to our roots of fervent prayer, but ahead, to join an exploding global prayer movement.

PCCNA member organizations can become primary sponsors of these events. Contact us today for information on how you can be involved!

Together, we can do more than we can apart. Let’s envision a movement of united, praying, Pentecostal pastors and people.

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